Local director Dylan Gamblin undertook the task of teaming with die Karneval to help adapt, finish and direct ‘Woyzeck’, the tale of a brain damaged solider who is subjected to extreme military medical testing, eventually blurring Woyzeck’s grip on reality. “We were very fortunate to make a connection with die Karneval von Wahnsinn, a traveling carnival troupe specializing in the macabre theatre,” said Gamblin. “They’re a very talented group of actors and have been fantastic to work with. As a coincidence, it is also their tenth year as a troupe.”

Continued Gamblin: “What attracted me to Woyzeck at first was the fact that it’s a one-hundred year old unfinished piece. Directors are encouraged and almost have to finish it for Büchner; this means one can do whatever they would like with it. Once I started reading deeper into the show I began to see that, although unfinished, Büchner said a lot in his 16 page script. The morality in the pursuit of science, the class struggle between rich and poor, the after-care, or lack-there-of, for PTSD, the question of what is sane and what is not? This play, written in 1836, has these major elements in it that still resonate and speak to where we are now as a culture. In a way it asks, has anything really changed?”

Die Karneval von Wahsinn will perform ‘Woyzeck’ in association with Ghostlight Theater Company of New England at the Janice B. Streeter Theater, 14 Court Street in Nashua NH on April 24, 25 and 26 at 8PM with a matinee on April 26 at 2PM. General admission tickets are $20 at the door, $15 online and $10 for students, seniors and active military. Buy your tickets online HERE

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