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Who the Hell is Ghostlight?


 Just because theatre is USUALLY created one way, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only (or even the best) way to do it! Brought together purely through love of the art-form, Ghostlight artists work to experiment, try out new ideas (whether it be through well-known, long-forgotten, or brand new texts), and provide their audiences with performances that seek to stretch expectations of what local theater can and should be. Ghostlight is actively looking to challenge, provoke, and excite audiences.

Ghostlight is far less interested in trying to be like broadway, and far more interested in being the theatrical equivalent of a Jackson Pollock painting.


  • To stretch the traditional boundaries of what is considered “standard” subject and style by exploring the art form in all other directions, from the lowest of the “low-brow” to the most intellectual summits of the “high brow.”
  • To encourage local audiences and performers to expect more of local theatre and of themselves by providing a safe, experimental theatrical “playground” in which new ideas can be expressed, and theatrical risks can be fully realized.
  • To continually prove that excellence in theatre can be achieved with any sized budget, and in any setting.
  • Perhaps most importantly: through utilizing the above methods and engaging in outreach through non-traditional channels, encouraging those segments of the  public who traditionally remain unengaged from theatre as an art form to reconsider the impact that theatre can have on their lives.


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