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Ghostlight Theater Company of New England proudly announces auditions for our late winter and late spring 2015 productions of Paula Vogel’s Pulitzer Prize winning “How I Learned to Drive”, directed by Ozan Haksever and Peter Weiss’ “The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade”, directed by Kate Devorak.

Winner of the 1998 Pulitzer prize for drama, “How I Learned to Drive” follows the strained, sexual relationship between Li’l Bit and her aunt’s husband, Uncle Peck, from her adolescence through her teenage years into college and beyond. Using the metaphor of driving and the issues of pedophilia, incest, and misogyny, the play explores the ideas of control and manipulation. Despite the serious subjects, there are many comedic and theatrical elements. The play sheds light on the complexity of these very real issues with sensitivity, humor, and poetry.

ROLES (3F, 2M). *Note – Age ranges are flexible for casting, and there are various possibilities. All actors portray characters at different ages.

Li’l Bit: Female, 30′s-40′s. She is the central character who we follow from age 11 until the present day. She is smart, spirited, flirtatious, and strong.

Uncle Peck: Male, 40′s-50′s. He is Lil’ Bit’s uncle, and the only one in the family who seems to understand her. Under his charm, however, lurks manipulation.

Male Greek Chorus: Male, age flexible (typically 30′s), roles range from high school boys to Lil’ Bit’s grandfather.

Female Greek Chorus: Female, age flexible (typically 30′s+), roles include Lil’ Bit’s mother.

Teenage Greek Chorus: Female, age 18+ (typically early-mid 20′s), roles ranging from high school girls to grandmother.

In “Marat/Sade”, an asylum in the process of deinstitutionalization is opened to the public to present the inmate-run production of The Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat, written and directed by the nihilistic “Marquis de Sade”. As the action breaks and the show takes a more sinister turn, it becomes clear that the play has become a platform for the inmates to engage in their own revolution.

Jean-Paul Marat: 25+; a paranoid schizophrenic playing Marat, a radical journalist and political theorist who is haunted by his past; he is confined to a bathtub for the duration of the play

Marquis de Sade: 40+; a female inmate who has taken on the persona of the Marquis de Sade; director of the play within a play who uses her role to further her individualist beliefs

Charlotte Corday: 18 minimum; an inmate playing Corday, who assassinated Marat during the French Revolution; she is kept subdued and alienated by her nurses throughout the play

Mousier Coulmier: 40+; the stern, bourgeois head of the Charenton asylum; he supervises the Marquis de Sade from the audience

Simmone Evrard: 20+; an extremely anxious inmate playing the companion of Marat

The Harold: 30+; an inmate acting as the narrator of the play within a play; he wrangles the other patients under direct supervision of de Sade

Jacques Roux: 30+; a former priest and radical Socialist

Duperret: 30+; a patient held for erotomania who takes advantage of his role as Corday’s lover

Kokol: 20+; bass; one of the four drunk singers

Polpoch: 20+; baritone; one of the four drunk singers

Cucurucu: 20+; tenor; one of the four drunk singers

Rossignol: 20+; soprano; one of the four drunk singers

Ensemble: 18 minimum; various inmates/nurses/attendants at the asylum; they play several characters throughout the play within a play

When/Where: Dance Concepts (122 Bridge Street, Pelham, NH) on Sunday December 7th from 1 to 4pm, Monday December 8th from 7 to 9:30pm, and Sunday December 14th from 1 to 4pm.

“Drive” performances will be held at Club Lafayette in Lowell from February 27-March8. “Marat/Sade” performance dates are TBD (late May/early June).

Auditions will consist of a 1-2 minute prepared contemporary monologue and readings from the script (both), and 16 bars of a song to be performed a cappella (Marat/Sade only).

Please direct all inquiries to Ozan Haksever and Kate Devorak. We hope to see you there!

Please excuse our appearance as we renovate to bring you a better Ghostlight Experience.

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